General / 24 April 2021

Why neural-style is not a photo filter

Neural-style has been presented as a new method for artistic style transfer.

However, it is more than that. It is a deep learning approach that can be used to create visually compelling images that have a strong artistic style.

Neural-style is not a photo filter, and it could not be used as a photo filter because this would change the meaning of the process.

The pictures created with it are not trying to imitate any other style or previous image, they are trying to create a new style and a new story. They are generated by a neural network that learns how to create a new content based on a given style.

The neural network does not take an input image and filter it to create another image. The neural network takes an input image and learns to create a new one based on the input image. The neural network learns to generate a new image from scratch, not from the elements of the input image.

Written by GPT-3